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Welcome to FineShave - Luxurious Gentlemen's Shaving

Why Luxurious Gentlemen’s Shaving?   Daily shaving is something that should be enjoyed. A relaxing time for reflection, something you are looking forward to every morning - a comfortable and enjoyable shave. But this has been lost due to the advertising stunt of multi-bladed cartridge razors and canned shaving creams. Unfortunately many men are caught in this vicious cycle of modern shaving, suffering from razor burn and ingrown hair.

We encourage you to rediscover the wonderful world of “Traditional Wet Shaving” like your grandfather used to enjoy. Experience high quality shaving products and re-imagine the masculine luxury of a gentlemen’s shave. There are all kinds of fine men’s grooming & shaving products to discover and learn about it. Enjoy browsing our shop and it would truly be an honour to become your supplier.

Yours Ellen and Frank

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