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Beards are cool, but they need some care.

Step 1: Wash: Yes, beards must be washed daily! During the course of the day sweat and dirt accumulate in the beard, that's not looking good and it can also cause skin irritation. The best way to wash your beard is during a shower. Simply make the whiskers with warm water wet, lather with a pH neutral soap and rinse thoroughly beard. A conditioner provides the beard and the skin after washing with sufficient moisture. A small amount into the moist beard massage, done. Our tip : Do not blow dry! The hot air can cause skin irritation and dry out the whiskers. Beard better dab with a dry towel.

Step 2: Combing: Just as the daily morning ritual, the hair belongs to comb the beard should be combed every day. It can be seen not only whether the beard is grown uniformly or may need to be trimmed, but also prevents holes in the beard, because the hairs are by combing all in the same direction. Stylish beard is combed with a traditional beard comb.

Step 3: Maintain:  Regardless of the beard length: Proper care is a must. Only rarely conjures nature a shapely beard on the face, so a bit of help out is absolutely legitimate. So-called tonics and beard curb oils and relax stubborn facial hair, nourish the skin under the beard and impart a delicate scent.

Step 4: Styling: to give the final touches To the beard hair, it takes finally a little bit Wax Balm or because it gives the beard sufficient support and shape without providing stiff hairs.

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