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Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor

Item No: PR35

By Merkur

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The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty razor is considered by many to be the standard for double-edge razors.
This razor is an excellent beginner safety razor.  A rock solid, well-rounded razor that is not only beautiful, but will last forever. It has a short-length handle with a larger diameter giving it a hefty feel in your hand while shaving. The added weight and short handle provide a good balance to comfortably achieve the proper cutting angle. It shaves well for all skin types and better than most new modern brands.
The enduring quality of the Merkur has made this safety razor a popular choice for generations. Solid and stylish in design, the Merkur 34C comes in a polished chrome finish and includes one free Merkur Double Edge Razor Blade.
It accepts all standard double-edge blades.

Made in Germany by Merkur of Solingen - makers of the finest traditional safety razors.

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