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Luxury Wooden Shaving Soap Bowl - Dark Oak (Large) - FineShave

Luxury Wooden Shaving Soap Bowl - Dark Oak (Large)

Item No: PR66

By FineShave

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This wooden bowl combines an impeccably handsome design with a natural-looking clear lacquer. The specially lacquerer keeps the water off and makes this bowl water resistance. Classic, clean lines and a handy lid make it perfect for storage of your favorite shaving soap.
Fits the refills from Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving Soap, Tabac Original Shaving Soap or any soap up to 80 x 28 mm. These bowls can also be used effectively with smaller diameter pucks.
Here is a little trick ... When using a smaller diameter puck, simply wet the bottom of the puck and press it firm into the bottom of the bowl, let it dry and it will soon stick and not move around!

 - Perfect for Mitchells Wool Fat & Tabac Original Shaving Soap
 - Turned from hardwood  (Dark Oak)
 - Bowl can hold up to 150g of soap
 - Size: 80 x 28 mm internal, 94 x 45 mm external

Does not include soap