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Layrite Super Shine Pomade (New Style)

Item No: PR1566

By Layrite

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Layrite Super Shine Pomade. The name says it all, you want high shine...this is it. Keeping the high hold that you expect from Layrite using the water-based formula that washes right out. Use to create a straight, sleek look, to shine up your pomp, or to soften naturally curly or wavy hair.
Classic Old School look like you would see in the SoCal (Southern California) rockabilly scene.

- Super high shine for that polished look, more shine than our Original and Super Hold Pomade
- Very High Hold, not as strong as our Original formula but really close
- Water-based formula washes right out just like a gel
- Does not dry in your hair at all, stays soft so you can keep combing it.
- Controls even the curliest and thickest hair out there
- Keeps your hair in place and looking good all day

Jar size 113 gram
Made in the USA

How to use Layrite
Because it is water-based, Layrite pomade is versatile - you control the strength of hold and sheen simply by drying your hair to the desired amount:

Dry your hair: Layrite Pomade is has the strongest hold when used on DRY HAIR. Blow your hair completely dry for hold like a 90 weight wax or towel dry your hair for hold like a 30 weight wax.
Apply Layrite: Rub an ample of Layrite into the palms of your hands until it softens, then rub thoroughly into your hair.
Style: Simply comb or brush into desired hairstyle. Add more Layrite or more water as needed to achieve the style you want. Layrite does not dry in your hair so you can re-style as need throughout the day without losing any control.