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Simpsons Peppermint & Rosemarry Luxury Shaving Cream 125ml

By Simpsons

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The luxurious glycerin solution contains soothing aloe that leaves your skin feeling fresh and revitalized while having an earthy, woody, smoky top scent with floral and minty undertones.

Simpsons Luxury Shaving Cream creates a super-silky lather to aid your razor in a close and comfortable shave. A perfect example of the truism that less is more, just a small dab of this concentrated cream make a drift of lather, scented only with the herbal essences and essential oils used to create the soft shave soap.
Experience true luxury over and over: Only the smallest amount of cream is needed with the generous addition of water to produce a rich, creamy, silky smooth & extremely decadent lather resulting in a remarkably close shave.

- It is lighted scented with pure essential oils and herbs
- Tin tub with screw on lid
- Highly concentrated 125ml
- from the manufactures of the finest shaving brushes

Simpsons has been helping men complete the shaves of their lives since 1919. Founded by Alexander Simpson in the East End of London and doing business in the West Country since the 1940s, this company remains devoted to producing the finest handcrafted men’s shaving tools and thoughtfully formulated grooming products.

Made in England