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Wilkinson Sword Premium Classic Razor incl. 5 blades

Item No: PR1678

By Wilkinson

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New Premium DE Safety Razor from Wilkinson Sword.

Made in Germany, this safety razor features an all-metal construction finished with a durable chrome plating. The extra long knurled handle provides excellent grip and works well for face and body shaving.

This well-balanced razor has a good weight to it, giving it a hefty feel in your hand while shaving. It features a butterfly head design that spins open to allow a safe and quick blade change. The “twist to open” function provides you with an old style shaving experience in the easiest form. Enjoy a forgiving and mild shave, perfect for beginners as it is not particularly aggressive meaning less chance of getting cut!

Works with any brand of standard size double edge (DE) razor blades.

- Long Handle
- Good knurling for extra grip
- Twist to open butterfly safety razor
- Easy and safe blade replacement
- Mild razor
- includes a 5 pack of Wilkinson blades

Made in Germany

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