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Layrite Moustache Comb - "Spring Clearance"

By Layrite

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"Spring Clearance" Sale
Product may have been opened or have missing/damaged packaging. All goods are new but might be discontinued - last pieces - floor stock - slightly damaged.

Extra small moustache comb, with super-fine teeth and a small handle. This petite comb will fit into any pocket or travel bag.
Designed to improve the life and look of your mustache with comfortable daily use. If you have never used a comb for the mustache you are definitely missing out. This comb will help with evenly distributing a moustache styling product through the whiskers. It will also help you style the stache to where you want it. Perfect to distribute Layette Super Hold Pomade through your mustache.

- Extra fine teeth
- Durable plastic
- length of teeth 38mm
- total length 73mm

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