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100x ASCO Saloon single edge Razor Blades - "Spring Clearance"


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"Spring Clearance" Sale
Product may have been opened or have missing/damaged packaging. All goods are new but might be discontinued - last pieces - floor stock - slightly damaged.

ASCO Saloon Single Edge Razor Blades are specifically designed for Barbershops, Salons & disposable Straight Razors (shavette).

These 1/2 blades have been conveniently snapped in half for use with barber style folding razors, it eliminates the need to manually break DE blades in half (just open blade and slide in razor). These disposable blades are individually wrapped for hygienic concerns. The stainless steel blades are sharp and smooth for a comfortable shave.

- 100x ASCO Saloon single edge Razor Blades for disposable cut-throat razor (Shavette)
- individually wrapped
- PTFE coated, stainless blades
- Splitting blades is a thing of the past with this product
- Professional Quality

Made in Egypt

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