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Ach Brito Bath Soap "Símbolos Lusitanos" Mar Collection 75gr - FineShave

Ach Brito Bath Soap "Símbolos Lusitanos" Mar Collection 75gr

Item No: PR1055

By Ach Brito

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The soaps in this collection of "Portuguese symbols" are made with a 100% vegetable base and enriched with olive oil. They are all wrapped in packs that hold traditional scents that heighten the senses and awaken memories. A simply sublime soap. The seaweed scent is enriched with sea salt and the sweetness of water lily.

Ach Brito is one of the most cherished and ancient companies in Portugal today. With a history of making soap and other perfumery products that date back to 1887. Decades of experience in soap making, and the extraordinary quality of its products - achieved by the use of the finest raw materials, traditional production processes, and the never ending cherish that goes into the manual wrapping of each product.

Made in Portugal