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Dovo Shavette Long Blades Professional - FineShave

Dovo Shavette Long Blades Professional

Item No: PR607

By Dovo

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Precision blades for the Dovo Shavette. Sold in a package of 10 blades providing 20 fresh edges.
Made with a special perforation to make snapping them in half for use safe and easy. These blades will provide an effortless close and smooth shave without the need for stropping, honing or other typical straight razor maintenance. High Quality Stainless Steel Blades.

- Long Style blades specifically for the DOVO Shavette
- will fit into the BLACK blade holder

Manufactured in high quality German steel

Black Holders are sold separately.
These blades are made specifically for the Dovo Shavette, they will not fit any other standard shavette.

Remove a blade from its packaging and break it carefully in the middle. Then attach the blade to the black holder that is included with the Shavette, and attach the holder to the Shavette.