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Free Shipping over $100 | Same Day Dispatch til 3PM | Delivery times 1-2 days (Akl 1-5 days)

Dovo Shavette Stainless Steel (2010006)

by Dovo
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This convenient and affordable Dovo Shavette is perfect for travel or someone just getting started with straight razor shaving. It's use of inexpensive Disposable Stainless Steel blades totally eliminates the need to purchase the hone, strop, and most of the other accessories typically required, lowering the cost and difficulty factors greatly. Simply discard the blade after a few shaves and insert a fresh Blade. This razor's versatility has made it a popular choice for professional barbers and hairstylists worldwide.

Interchangeable blade holders allow the use of a variety of blades :

CLEAR/RED HOLDER (supplied with this razor)
Accepts standard double edge blades which are snapped in half thereby doubling the economy factor. Another option are Saloon blades, they have been conveniently snapped in half ready to be used with this razor (it eliminates the need to manually break DE blades in half). Best choice for edging and detailing of beards and moustaches, hairlines, around nose, etc.

BLACK/CLEAR HOLDER (supplied with this razor)
Uses a longer version of the double edge blade made by Dovo, more closely comparing to the blade length of a standard straight razor. These are also snapped in half. A good choice for general use.

The following items are included :

  • 1x Dovo Shavette with Stainless Steel handle
  • Protective razor sleeve with blades & holder storage pocket
  • 1x Clear Holder for standard DE Blades
  • 1x Holder for long Dovo Blades

Replacement Blade Holders are available.

Made in Solingen, Germany.

Optional Accesories (not supplied with this razor):
BLACK HOLDER "open comb", uses the longer version of the double edge blade made by Dovo. It has a serrated plastic edge to allow for more aggressive shaving. The serrated edge allows the blade to get closer to the skin's surface. A good choice for more experienced shavette users.

Customer Reviews

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Entry level cut-throat high jinks.

If you want to scare (scar?) yourself silly with unguarded blade tomfoolery this is a cheap but quality bit of kit to do it with. Glad I got the Stainless version, team it up with the Long Dovo blades, some thick and slick ARKO stick soap and your ready to learn a new skill.