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Eco Razor & Brush Stand (chrome) - FineShave

Eco Razor & Brush Stand (chrome)

Item No: PR1500

By FineShave

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A very well designed Razor & Brush stand, which fits a large range of brushes and most safety razors. This stand will help to maintain the condition of your brush, it keeps your brush in the correct position and stops water gathering in the handle of the brush which can lead to damage of hair over time.

- Total height 70mm
- Razors with a handle diameter up to 13mm
- Brushes up to 24mm knot size
- Decreases drying time

Please Note: Stand only, Razor or Brush are NOT included.

Safety Razors that fit this stand:
Merkur 23, 41, 42
Timor Butterfly Safety Razor
Parker 90R, 96R

Following Safety Razors don't fit:
Edwin Jagger DE89, DE86, DE87, 3D Diamond (with new style handle)
Merkur 34c, 37c, 38c, 39c, 47, 38HD, Progress, Futur
Mühle R89, R41, R101 -108, Twist, Grande
Parker Variant

The Omega Razor & Brush Stand might be a better option for some razors as the razor holder diameter is a bit larger.

Also this stand does NOT fit the Omega48 Brush (as this brush has a knot size of 28mm).