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Free Shipping over $100 | Same Day Dispatch til 4PM | Delivery times 1-2 days (Akl 1-5 days)

Edwin Jagger DE89L Boar Shave set

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Soap Options: Proraso Menthol

This Edwin Jagger shaving set is the perfect beginners set for exploring the wonderful world of traditional shaving.
The Set consists of the fantastic Edwin Jagger DE89L safety razor, Semogue 1470 Boar Shaving Brush with stand and your choice of Proraso shaving soap. Proraso is a top quality Italian soft soap that will ensure a great shave with its excellent protective and lubricating qualities.
Also, included is a razor blade sampler pack to get you started. All you need for a few months of shaving.

Contained in the kit is:

 - Edwin Jagger DE89L
 - Semogue 1470 Boar Shaving Brush
 - Brush stand
 - Proraso Shaving soap bowl (Pick one of the three soap options)
 - Razor blade sampler pack, 30x blades (at least 3 months of daily shaving)


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Multibladed cartridge razors are very expensive, don't give the best shave and end up being a chore. Yet there is the fantastic alternative of traditional shaving where you can buy a months supply of blades for as little as $2

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeremy B.
Great starting kit

This is a great quality razor kit. You can lather in the shaving soap container so it has the core of what's needed. The razor is easy to use, but do watch some how to clips on YouTube if you're a beginner.

M.H. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Great kit for beginners

I’ve always used modern shavers. They cost lots and need replacing. A safety razor is a great alternative. Blades are very affordable and they are fun and easy to use. This kit is a good way to get started!