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Edwin Jagger DEL89L Long Handle Safety Razor

By Edwin Jagger

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The fantastic Edwin Jagger DEL89L razor is based on the latest head design, which has created great interest among experienced wet shavers.
The long handle is lined chrome plated and gives the razor great balance and lets the weight of the head do all the work. The closed comb head is expertly engineered and is finished with high quality chrome plate. Refined and exquisitely finished, these razors look as great as they perform. A three piece traditional razor which works with all double edge razor blades.
We highly recommend Edwin Jagger safety razors as the quality and performance is stunning. They are hand assembled using premium materials for their construction and are sure to last many years of everyday use.
It accepts all standard double-edge razor blades. Packaged in a handsome presentation box.

Compared to the DE89L this long handle version has a 1cm longer handle.

- Total Length: 10.5cm
- Handle Length: 9.5cm
- Weight: 72gr

"The World's finest hand made shaving accessories by Sheffield's Master Craftsmen"

Made in England

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