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Edwin Jagger Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush Ivory (Large)

Item No: PR1111

By Edwin Jagger

was $169.99


Luxurious Silvertip Badger Hair Brush handmade by Edwin Jagger in Sheffield.

The premium grade of hair will allow you to lather denser creams more easily while also exfoliating your skin more when lathering. The hairs are tightly packed giving it a good backbone. Silvertp Badger Hair is an excellent quality of pure badger hair, it is regarded as the benchmark standard of shaving brush manufacturers. The handle is made of high-grade resin giving it a traditional look with the Edwin Jagger brand inscribed.

This shaving brush is packaged in a handsome Edwin Jagger box making it a nice gift choice.

- Edwin Jagger 3EJ467 (Large)
- Excellent quality Silvertip Badger Hair
- High-grade resin Handle
- imitation ebony
- Knot : 23mm
- Loft :50mm
- Total height : 92mm
- Handle height : 42mm

Handmade in England

Please Note: Brush only, stand not included.

It is highly recommended to rinse the shaving brush with warm water after its used. Placing it in a stand will help to a proper dry.