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Edwin Jagger Travel Shaving Brush Fibre (Black)

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By Edwin Jagger

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The Edwin Jagger travel shaving brushes are ideal for business trips, holidays or weekends away.
The lightweight black anodized metal handle doubles as a storage case. Simply unscrew the handle from the brush head to store safely away inside. The synthetic hair is a popular choice for travel, as it is quick drying when compared to traditional badger hair.

It has a knot diameter of 21mm and is made from black Fiber Hair. It is completely vegan and is extremely soft. The synthetic fibers perform equally as good as natural hair but they are more resistant and long-lasting. Synthetic fibers consume less product as they don’t absorb so much water. The flexible fibers lather creams and soaps with ease. They are hygienic and easy to clean.

- 21M536
- Handle length 68mm
- Handle diameter 32mm
- Knot 21mm
- Weight 40g

Made in England