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Free Shipping over $100 | Same Day Dispatch til 3PM | Delivery times 1-2 days (Akl 1-5 days)

Fatip Wenghe Wood Open Comb Safety Razor

by Fatip
SKU PR1671
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Fatip Open Comb DE Safety Razor with beautiful wenghé wood handle.

Fatip, the Italian razors with the original brass head, are handmade in Premana, district overlooking the lake Como, well-known thanks to the expertise and skilled production of metals. The well-balanced design perfectly ensures a refined, precise shaving experience.

These wooden handled models have been launched recently by the Fatip, the Wenge model comes with an exquisite wenge wood handle for the shaving aficionados who prefer the warm feeling of the wood.

Despite having a long handle, the Wenge is noticeably lighter than regular all metal double edge safety razors. It’s a 3-piece design with an open comb head.

Open comb safety razors are popular amongst shavers who prefer to shave less often and looking for a razor capable of cutting long hairs fast. The open comb design has the ability to reach the skin between the long hairs and cut them effortlessly. These razors are also generally more aggressive razors and Fatip open comb razors are no different. If you’re looking for a razor that cuts fast and effectively this is it. But of course, it can be used daily.
We suggest combining Fatip open comb safety razors with milder blades to smooth out the shave. From there, you can step up to sharper blades to find your sweet spot.

- 3-piece open comb safety razor
- Made from wenge wood with a cast brass head and plated with chrome
- Handle Length: ~90 mm
- Total length – 110 mm
- Weight: 60 gr

Handmade in Premana, Italy.