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Hey Joe Clear Shaving Gel 250ml

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By Hey Joe



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Clear Shaving Gel especially designed for profiling beards, moustaches, sideburns and neck. Its transparent and non-foaming formula gives you a defined and accurate close shave. The Aloe Vera and Dexpanthenol (vitamin B5) in its formula soften the skin and protect it from irritation.

How to use: Apply a thin layer onto the skin and shave as usual.

- Size: 250ml

It might sound strange, but due to its spectacular properties this Clear Shaving Gel could also be used as a:

Balm against itching: When you’re starting to grow a beard its soothing and refreshing properties immediately relieve those annoying itches.
Aftershave: Thanks to its high content of Aloe Vera has great moisturizing power, while healing. Being a product 0% alcohol, you avoid any burning sensation in the shaved area.
Beard Conditioner: Yes, although it seems contradictory our Clear Shaving Gel works wonders in the medium and long beards. Help facial hair detangling while nourishes, moisturizes and eliminates frizz and dryness. It is also fully compatible with your favorite beard oil, use it as usual after applying a small amount of Clear Shaving Gel.

Made in Spain