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Merkur 47 Safety Razor

Item No: PR555

By Merkur

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A classic in every sense, the heavy duty Merkur 47C Polished Chrome Long Handle Safety Razor comes with an innovative design and all metal, chrome finish. The Merkur 47C safety razor boasts an etched-line design handle that gives a strong grip and is comfortable for maneuvering on the face. Made with German precision, Merkur 47C long handle safety razor is just perfect for those with large hands and makes a shaving companion for years to come. With its bar-type guard, the Merkur 47C safety razor allows you to enjoy an extra close, comfortable, and smooth shave.

- Weight: 93 gr
- Handle Length: 9.5 cm
- It accepts all standard double-edge blades.

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Merkur is a trusted name in the men’s shaving industry, with an amazing range of highly functional and affordable razors. The German-based company designs premium quality safety razors that make a practical grooming accessory for men of all ages. Used since generations of wet shaving lovers, Merkur razors last a lifetime and continue to offer the perfect shave every day to both beginners and advanced shavers.

Made in Germany by Merkur of Solingen - makers of the finest traditional safety razors.

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