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Free Shipping over $100 | Same Day Dispatch til 4PM | Delivery times 1-2 days (Akl 1-5 days)

Merkur Futur "Adjustable Safety Razor" Chrome

by Merkur
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Made by Merkur in Solingen Germany, one of the world's finest manufacturers of shaving equipment. This Futur Safety razor has a superb mirror finish, it looks and feels like the superbly manufactured item that it is. The razor can be adjusted to different settings dependent on personal preference or which part you are shaving. When set at one the Futur provides a milder shave which is ideal for learning and initially developing the correct shaving technique. Adjusting to higher numbers makes the shave more aggressive to achieve an even closer and comfortable shave with less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

Well-weighted and superbly balanced, the Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor requires no pressure when shaving: simply let the blade glide across the skin for a smooth result with no unpleasant tugging.

The initial outlay will be recouped by durability of the razor and the savings in razor blades.

- It accepts all standard double-edge blades
- Six separate settings that can be changed through twisting its handle
- Polished chrome finish and timeless design will last a lifetime.
- Weight: 120 gr
- Length: 11 cm

Made in Germany by Merkur of Solingen - makers of the finest traditional safety razors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Guy H. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Fabulous shave

Finally decided to invest the money in the Futur after weeks of scouring the web for reviews. This razor was in the top 10 of most. Number 1, it looks beautiful. 2, it has real 'heft' to it which means you can let the weight of the razor do all the work without applying too much pressure. And 3, because it's adjustable you can select the optimum 'aggression' to tackle light, or heavy stubble growth. Coupled with the Feather blade, this beauty is a Rolls Royce of a shave.

Worth every penny

I've been eyeing up one of these razors for a while as most razors don't give me the closest shave that I want. This baby delivers in every aspect. You can turn it up to six and it will mow down several days growth with ease and then you can dial it down to one and shave over those sensitive areas with ease.

Michael V.
Not for me

It's too heavy for my 70-year-old hands and the handle's lack of grooves makes it slippery. Impossible to shave close under nose.