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Mondial Axolute Luxury Shaving Cream (150ml Bowl)

Item No: PR769

By Mondial

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Mondial Axolute Homme Shaving Cream is the ultimate expression of the highest quality in the world of shaving creams. A precious shaving cream, produced in the traditional way with intense fragrances and traditional texture. Its natural ingredients facilitate the shaving experience, allowing for a gentle glide of the blade.
All that is needed is a small amount applied to the palm of the hand, a few drops of hot water and with the help of a badger shaving brush you can get in touch with the joy of shaving. It takes only a few moments to create a soft and full-bodied foam that will help to prepare the skin for a fantastic shave. At the end of shaving, the skin feels soft and velvety.

The fragrance is a blend of citrus and Mediterranean spices with woody base notes and musk, making every shave a moment of absolute pleasure.

 - Luxury and precious shaving cream in traditional texture.
 - Elegant two-tone Bowl 150 ml.
 - Produced with natural ingredients, without preservatives or parabens.

Made in Florence, Italy.