Morgan's "Grey Away" Liquid Colour Restorer 120ml - FineShave

Morgan's "Grey Away" Liquid Colour Restorer 120ml

Item No: PR1525

By Morgan’s Pomade Co

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A liquid hair colour restorer that gradually takes away the grey, creating and maintaining dark, lustrous hair. The restorer gradually darkens grey hair over a period of 3-4 weeks allowing the user to restore hair colour to their desired shade without the use of conventional instant dyes. Suitable for normal hair, long hair and to darken temples.

This exclusive formulation contains Panthenol which helps maintain health and vitality in the hair as well as being an excellent moisturiser. Morgan’s Liquid Colour Restorer increases lustre and brilliance, delivering colour, shine and conditioning in one application.

- Size: 120ml Spray Bottle

Made in England