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Morgan's Original Pomade 50gr (Darkens Grey Hair)

Item No: PR556

By Morgan’s Pomade Co


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The World’s most famous darkening pomade - Morgan's Original.
The classic solution to grey and ageing hair, tried and tested since 1873. Gradually darkens grey hair over a period of three to four weeks without the use of conventional dyes. The unique formula of Morgan's Pomade also controls, shapes and enlivens hair as well as moisturising it.
Regular use will achieve a suitable hair colour shade over a short period of time which can be maintained by less frequent applications. Suitable for hair of all types, Morgan's Pomade helps revitalise dry and brittle hair as well as maintaining a healthy scalp. Enriched with Wheat Germ Oil – contains Vitamin E.

- 50gr pot

The principal behind Morgan's Original hair darkening Brand is the widely felt desire to combat the onset of age by keeping hair darker and more youthful looking.

Part of the natural ageing process in the human body is that the colour of the hair can change, over a varying period of time, to grey. Research has shown that there is a direct link between Hydrogen Peroxide, naturally produced in the body, and the loss of hair colour.
As the body grows older, the defences against this natural by-product begin to weaken and its levels increase. This increase causes a chain reaction which eventually interferes with the production and transfer of Melanins, the pigments responsible for the hair's natural colour. The final result of this perfectly natural process is grey, and ultimately, white hair.

Morgan's hair darkening products work naturally with the hair helping it to maintain a natural looking, darker colour.