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Omega Shaving Soap 150ml Bowl & Omega Boar Brush

Item No: PR294

By Omega

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Great introduction to wet shaving! This set consisting of the very popular Omega Eucalyptus Shaving Soap in a 150ml Bowl and an Omega Boar Hair Shaving Brush.
This fantastic shaving cream encapsulates the Italian barber experience, it has a very pleasant eucalyptus scent and makes a fine lather. A favourite among shaving enthusiasts. Made in Italy it is a high quality product and comes highly recommended, comparable to much more expensive brands and has been likened to the famous Proraso shaving cream.
Best applied with a shaving brush this barber cream soap provides a rich moisturising lather for a slick and comfortable shave.

The Omega shaving brush contains 100% natural boar bristle hair. Boar bristle is most often the choice of those who desire the greatest scrubbing action from their brush, also the strong backbone has superb exfoliating properties. Boar bristle remains the most popular alternative to badger.

- large 150ml shaving soap bowl
- Added Eucalyptus oil
- Smooth and refreshing

- Boar Brush with red handle
- Knot (at base): 23 mm
- Loft: 48 mm
- Handle: 57 mm x 34 mm
- Total height 105 mm

Made by Omega in Bologna Italy