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OneBlade HYBRID Single Edge Razor including Travel Set

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By OneBlade

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Customer favourite. Best value. By combining the two most popular features of the CORE and GENESIS razors, the HYBRID razors delivers an incredible shaving experience at half the price of the GENESIS razor. The OneBlade HYBRID stainless steel head delivers a silky smooth shave while the durable ergonomic handle made from engineer-grade Tritan balances perfectly in your hand.

The HYBRID’s pivoting head adapts to the curvature of your skin so you can get the right angle on every part of your face. The forgiving, yet precise razor head along with a Feather Single Edge blade gives you a shave free of razor burn, ingrown hairs and nicks. Created with the same award-winning stainless steel head of GENESIS razor and the engineering-grade Tritan polymer body of the CORE razor. The result is a razor with the shaving benefits of the GENESIS Razor head at a significantly lower price.

The HYBRID Engineering
- Ultra-high grade stainless steel head
- Optimal Blade exposure and angle: Delivers a close, comfortable shave free of razor burn and irritation.
- Optimal Pivot: Maximum performance, ultimate flexibility and forgiveness
- Quick Load Blade System: The easiest loading system on the market. No screwing, turning or injecting.
- Machined to +/- .005mm tolerance
- Engineer-grade Tritan: Lightweight yet durable polymer - built to last forever.
- Stainless Steel Rod: Perfectly balanced and feels great in your hand.

The Perfect Blade: Feather Single Edge Blades
Every OneBlade razor comes with the world’s best single edge blades. Feather is a company based in Japan that has been doing one thing for the last eighty years - making the world’s finest blades for shaving and surgical equipment. Each FHS-10 Feather blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel and coated in platinum. Each blade is twice as thick as the average double edge safety razor blade. This translates to an ultra-sharp, yet smooth and comfortable blade.


OneBlade HYBRID Single Edge Razor including Travel Set