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Polsilver Premium 10x DE Razor Blades  RRP $10 - FineShave

Polsilver Premium 10x DE Razor Blades RRP $10

Item No: PR28

By Polsilver

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These Polsilver blades will blow you away, as sharp as Feather blades yet extremely smooth.
Polsilver DE Blades offer the exceptional combination of longevity, sharpness and smoothness expected from a premium blade.
They are known to be great if not better than Super Iridium blades, sharing the same qualities and characteristics.

 - 10x Polsilver DE Blades
 - Premium quality blade but unfortunately only available in limited quantities.

 - Made in the legendary Lodz factory in Poland.

Fits any traditional double edge safety razor including Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Parker, Weishi and more...