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Same Day Dispatch* | Fast Shipping | NZ based Stock
X-Large Stand that holds your brushes from the handle, not from where the hairs/fibers meets the handle.

The RazoRock Universal Shaving Brush Stand was designed to fit most of the RazoRock brushes, plus it will accomodate many other brush handle designs from other manufacturers. It is a solid resin stand that is very sturdy, the prongs where the brush handle sits have a beveled edge to hold the brush stable and to minimize/prevent any marking.

It it's important to hang a brush upside down, both after use and for long-term storage. Hanging a brush upside down serves two purposes,
a) gravity gets the moisture out from deep in the knot, allowing the brush to dry better and keeping the knot lasting longer
b) it prevents dust from getting up inside your knot, so when you grab a brush you haven't used in a while, you don't have to clean all the household airborne dust from deep inside the knot!

- Nice glossy finish in black
- Stand Height: 125 mm
- Prong Width: 31 mm

The RazoRock Universal Stand will accommodate the following brushes.

Original Plissoft, Snowman, BC, Big Brush, Bruce, Disruptor, F-400 (Big Red 400), Monster, Beehive, Barber Handle (Italian Flat, Chrome, Black), Keyhole, 506 Handle, 505 Handle (near middle), Blondie Boar.

Owner's Club Handle, 1250, 1305, 1800, 2010.

Edwin Jagger:
3EJ286, 3EJ287

20106, 80265, 80266


Please Note:
Stand only, Brush is NOT included.

Brand: RazoRock

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