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Shave Doctor Shave Gel Oil 100ml

Item No: PR1647

By Shave Doctor

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Shave Gel Oil in a convenient and mess-free rollerball applicator.
No Mess, No Fuss, Just Roll The Gel Oil Into Your Beard or Body Hair and Shave!

This Shave Oil is designed to give the skin double protection from the razor blade heavily reducing the side effects of razor burn and razor rash. The Super thickness of this oil will help prevent the skin from drying out and help soak and prepare the stubble before shaving.
All Shave Doctor products contain no PARABENS or PETRO CHEMICALS. Developed for SENSITISED skin for men who don't shave on a regular basis.

- Thicker in viscosity than all other shaving oils
- mess free rollerball applicator
- for SENSITISED skin

Shave Oil helps to reduce nicks and irritation by increasing the skin suppleness and pliability NOT by providing lubrication, well-moisturized and supple skin does not cut or become irritated as easily as dry skin.