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Shaving Brush Holder (small, Tortoiseshell) - FineShave

Shaving Brush Holder (small, Tortoiseshell)

Item No: PR570

By Mühle

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A shaving brush should be allowed to dry with its bristles downward after use. This will help to maintain the condition of your brush, as it stops water from gathering in the handle which can cause bristle deformation or may lead to bristles falling out.

This plastic stand will fit brushes with up to 21 mm knot or handle size. It can be used free standing or it can be stuck on the wall with its self adhesive pad at the back.

Please Note : This stand does NOT fit the Omega48 Brush or Proraso Boar Shaving Brush (as both brushes have a extra large knot size of 25-28mm).