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Taylor of Old Bond Street Aloe Vera Shaving cream Bowl

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By Taylor of Old Bond Street

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Taylor of Old Bond Street Aloe Vera shaving cream has a light freshening scent and offers superlative performance. The carefully selected ingredients in this cream promote healing and sooth the skin by keeping it hydrated. Taylor creams offer great protection while shaving.

In the traditional method, the cream is placed on the brush or on the palm and then applied to the face, where the brush is used to work up a lather. However, most today prefer to use a lather "bowl". Whichever method you chose, you'll be amazed how well theses creams prepare your beard and moisturize your face.

ALOE VERA - offers a light, natural and fresh fragrance. It contains nutrients which soothe, soften, moisturise, and reduce redness of the skin which may occur during shaving, as well as promoting skin healing and regeneration.

- Creates a smooth creamy lather
- Paraben free
- Protects and mositurises
- 150 g screw thread tub

Made in the UK

Product Note: Taylor shaving creams being the most dense creams on the market today, are packaged and sold by weight, not volume. While the bowl may appear to be "less than full" rest assured that it does contain the full 150gr by weight. Please be aware that during extreme summer heat shaving cream may separate. If this occurs, simply stir and refrigerate to combine separated formula.