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Timor_Chrome_Safety_Razor_-_1_R27U0DGXL6X3.JPG Timor_Chrome_Safety_Razor_-_3_RGN3U3MN25KH.JPG Boar_Shaving_Brush_(black)_-_2_RGYW6RION1JO.jpg Derby_Soap_Stick_QNWCZVDRXQGB.jpg Astra_SP_-_1_RGN40J08JMZT.JPG Derby_-_1_RGN40K3S4EWW.JPG

Timor Safety Razor Starter Set

By Timor

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This Timor Safety Razor set is very suitable for beginners (mild razor). It features a butterfly head razor that spins open to allow a safe and quick blade change. Otherwise known as a twist to open or TTO razor, it is lightweight and easy to use. From Giesen and Forsthoff of Solingen Germany.

Providing a forgiving and mild shave, perfect for exploring the wonderful world of traditional shaving. This set comes with a boar shaving brush, shaving soap stick and a couple of razor blade packs. Everthing you need to get started.

Contained in the kit is:
- Timor Chrome Safety Razor
- Boar Shaving Brush
- Shaving Soap Stick
- 5x Astra SP Razor blades
- 5x Derby Razor blades

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