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Vitos Classic Eucalyptus and Lanolin Shave Cream Tube 500ml

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By Vitos

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VITOS is highly regarded as a top quality classic barbershop shaving cream. Enriched with eucalyptus, lanolin, tallow,coconut oil and glycerin - providing great skincare with antimicrobial benefits and eucalyptus scent that cools the skin. It whips up beautifully to provide great lubricity for a smooth, close, irritation free shave. Cream can be used with or without shaving brush. Vitos shaving cream is one of the favorites’ among Italian barber shops.

Glycerin : Known for its lubricating properties which facilitate blade sliding while shaving avoiding skin irritation.
Lanolin : Provides an excellent care and has antimicrobial properties.

Large 500ml bladder.

Made in Genova, Italy.