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Pack of 5x Gillette Silver Blue Razor Blades

Item No: PR926

By Gillette

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Gillette Silver Blue Blades
One of the Sharpest and Best from Gillette!!!

1 Pack of 5x Blades

Made in Russia

Fits any traditional double edge safety razor including Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Parker, Weishi and more...

Customer Reviews

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Neil (Wellington, New Zealand)
Great blades

Great long lasting blade, gives a smooth shave with no dragging. I only use each blade for four shaves but others seem to get more. Prefer this blade over the Muhle and Gillette Platimum blades as well as others I have tried over the years.

Lindsay C. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Best yet

Tried the Gillette Silver Blue after the recomendation in your advert.
Very clean shave.
Have shaved for a week and even with the razor set at a very aggressive 7, No cuts.
Most impressed, long life,very smooth,superior shave.
This is my favourite blade so far.
Thank you for your great service and good prices.
Best regards,
Lindsay Coles.

Sharp and smooth

Great blades.

Good blades

quite good blades. Not as sharp as feahter but seem to last at least a week or more. Good for the price.

Excellent blade.

I second Kelvin's comments - Silver Blues are an excellent blade. They are my new go-to.

Kelvin B.
An excellent blade.

I'm a long time wet shaver (over 45 years). I have tried many blades over the years and mainly use Feather blades (made in Japan).
When I trial a new blade make I compare it to a Feather.
These Gillettes are so close!
Not the extreme (insane even) level of sharpness of a Feather, but oh so close.
My trial shaves gave me a week of good shaves. So, 3 shaves per each side of the blade really. The last shave was pulling a wee bit as the blade had lost it's original edge by now.
But this is certainly no worse than a Feather blade.
You win here because the Gillette blades are cheaper.
I would not recommend a new wet shaver to start with Feather blades, because until you develop the correct 'touch' a Feather will quite happily peel your skin off.
The Gillette blade is much better. Sharp, but not at an insane level!
I am confident in recommending these Gillettes, be you a new chum, or expeienced wet shaver.
A very good blade at a very good price.