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Tooletries - How to Use

Tooletries - How to Use

  • Surface Guide

    Select a flat, smooth, shiny, glass-like surface on which to apply the product.

    Examples of suitable surfaces:

    The product is not suitable for use on matte, dull, rough, porous, or uneven surfaces.

    Do not use product on unsuitable surfaces. The product will not work over multiple grout lines that you would find in a mosaic or subway tile.

    Examples of unsuitable surfaces:


    Unglazed and Matte Tiles

    Concrete/ Brick

    Prefabricated Shower Units

    Painted/ Unpainted Fibreboard, Drywall, or Plasterboard

    Textured, Patterned, Uneven Tiles

    Mosaic Tiles

  • Application Instructions

    1. Clean the surface that you would like to apply the product to (make sure to remove cleaning product from service before applying product).
    2. The surface needs to be clean and dry before applying for the product to work.
    3. Place onto a Suitable Surface (as noted above).
    4. The product can get wet once it has been properly applied, do not apply water to contact surface, as this may cause the product to not stick.
    5. Peel the backing film off and place the product on the surface, from one side to the other, smoothing out any air bubbles as you go.
    6. For best results wait 12 hours before use.
    7. You should test it by pushing down on the product’s pocket or shelf to confirm sufficient attachment to the suitable surface.
    8. Do not overload the product.

    Please observe all information and instructions for this product to ensure safe and effective use. Failure to do so may cause the product to not work as intended, become damaged, or to cause damage to items supported by it. If an item falls and breaks it may cause further damage and injury. Please take particular care in humid or wet areas.

    Product specfic notes:

    The Jack - Phone Holder

    Do not use to hold tablets, laptops, or any
    device that exceeds 250g/ 9 ounces.

    WARNING: Do not use this product to hold mains powered, electric or electronic device where the device may fall into water, or have water flow onto it. An electric power source in contact with water may lead to damage, injury, or death.

    Shower Drink Holder

    Do not use glass bottles.
    Use for cans only.

    WARNING: Do not use this device to support any item that may break if it falls, including but not limited to glass containers.

  • Product Care

    1. For best results, remove product from surface after one month of use.
    2. Clean area where product was attached with clean damp cloth and allow to dry. Reapply product and wait 12 hours before use.
    3. Repeat after 6 months.
  • How to Clean

    1. Gently hand wash under warm water (do not scrub with brush or abrasive pad).
    2. Allow to dry naturally (give it a shake to remove excess water) before reapplying to surface.