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Sampler Pack of 50x DE Razor Blades

Item No: PR24-1

By FineShave

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Now you can start your wet-shaving adventure. A big part is finding the right blade for your beard and skin-type.

Set includes 50x Blades from world leading manufacturers:

5x Astra Superior Platinum Blades
Platinum coated to provide a high quality smooth cutting edge.
Made in Russia

5x Astra Superior Stainless Blades
Right combination of smoothness and sharpness.
Made in Russia

5x 7 o'clock

5x Rapira Platinum Lux Blades
Platinum coated for a comfortable and smooth shave.
Made in Russia

5x Big Ben Super Stainless Blades
PTFE coated, stainless blades
Made in Egypt

5x Derby Extra Blades
Cutting edges are deposited with chromium, ceramic, tungsten, and platinum, polymer coated.
Made in Turkey

5x Lord Super Stainless Blades
PTFE coated, stainless.
Made in Egypt

5x Voskhod teflon Coated Razor Blades
Made in Russia

10x Treet Super Stainless Blades
Platinum & PTFE coated
Made in Pakistan

Fits any traditional double edge safety razor including Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Parker, Weishi and more...