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Same Day Dispatch* | Fast Shipping | NZ based Stock

Henson created the AL13 to give you a whole new shaving experience, unlike any other safety razor. Your skin will feel comfortable and smooth.

The Aggressive version has a larger blade exposure and bigger blade gap than the Mild/Medium AL13. This allows for a close and very efficient shave, yet it doesn't feel aggressive.

We think it's best for :

  • Normal Skin
  • Thicker or Coarse Beards
  • Shaves very efficiently, yet it is gentle and more comfortable than most safety razors

  • For sensitive skin, the Mild or Medium AL13 might be a better option as they expose less of the blade edge

  • All Henson safety razors are compatible with any standard double-edge (DE) razor blade
    Our blade suggestion is to try a wider range from mild to sharp blades like Gillette Wilkinson, Astra SP, Timor, Gillette Silver Blue, 7 o'clock Super Platinum, Gillette Nacet, Gillette Platinum, ...

Designed and manufactured with extreme precision in mind. Henson has applied aerospace processes to achieve remarkable low tolerances on critical dimensions through the machining and anodizing process.

The blade support creates the most accurate blade exposure on the market, which means you can be ensured that each razor holds the blade at the correct angle and gap to give you the perfect shave.

Manufactured in the same facility that produces components for the Mars Rover and the International Space Station, this razor is durable and should last for many years of worry-free shaves.

What this means for you is a noticeably better shave that just feels different. It truly is one of a kind.

  • Latest Version with softened edges and added bevels
  • Lightweight - easy to control
  • No clogging - wide open channels let lather & hairs rinse off easily
  • Build in Angle - perfect for finding the 30-degree angle
  • Precision machined - safe shave and the most accurate blade exposure
  • Made from aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Three-piece safety razor
  • Handle Length: 95mm
  • Weight: 37g

Made in Canada

About Henson: A Function First Approach To Shaving. These days, it feels like many product design choices (especially around shaving) are made from a profit-first position. However, at Henson, every aspect of our design was chosen because we felt it was the best for the function of shaving. Not for profit. We then leveraged our 20+ years of aerospace machining experience to make it.

Brand: Henson Shaving

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
MatS (Auckland, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes
Henson Safety Razor - Aggresive Grey

This is easily the best safety razor I have used to date. It is lighter in the hand than other razors, but gives an accurate (able to get in tight under the nose) and close shave.
I am using it with Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Blades, Proraso White PreShave Cream and Proraso White Shaving Soap.

N.S. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes

Dose what it says but s tad to aggressive for my baby face l

Trevor A. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes

A bit early to comment at present. I have been using the medium razor now moved to the aggressive one no problem.

Levin B. (New South Wales, Australia)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes
Henson just took perfection a step further

Have been a regular user of the Henson AL13 v1 in Medium trim, and have absolutely loved shaving with it. The consistent clean shaves and ease of use are something that just cannot be replicated by any other.

With the Aggressive trim they have provided something that seasoned shavers have been wanting. A closer aggressive shave without having to jump and get a Titanium edition.

Easy to use as ever, with the new v2 design making it look neater and a timeless beauty in itself.