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The first Pasta del Capitano toothpaste launched in Italy in 1905 became immediately famous for its unique flavour of leaves of carnation, spearmint and cinnamon that allows you to have always a fragrant breath and a confident smile.

Renowned across the world for its unique flavour of carnation leaves, spearmint and cinnamon, this Original Toothpaste by Pasta del Capitano has been crafted in Italy since 1905.

Perfect for those with sensitive gums, this paste is free from SLS and parabens. Enhanced with Sulfetal Zn, an antibacterial molecule that helps to achieve that dentist-clean feel, the Original Toothpaste contains fluoride to protect and reinforce your tooth enamel.

Founded in Italy in 1905 by the Ciccarelli family, Pasta del Capitano represents dental innovation, expertise and Italian passion. Committed to quality, Pasta del Capitano is continuously evolving to suit all your needs.

Crafted in Italy since 1905 by Pasta del Capitano
Contains fluoride to protect and reinforce your tooth enamel
Held in a plastic tube with a vintage aesthetic

  • The toothpaste Pasta del Capitano Original recipe without parabene was the first toothpaste introduced in Italy in 1905.
  • With its unmistakable taste based on clove leaves, peppermint and cinnamon, the toothpaste immediately became popular in Italy.
  • Pasta del Capitano Originale Recipe 1905 with the unique flavor contains very effective active ingredients such as:
  • Triclosan, fluorine and essential oils.
  • The essential oils contained are effective against bad breath and protect the mouth from bacterial plaque. Thus they prevent gum diseases.
  • The fluoride contained protects and strengthens the tooth enamel.
  • Pasta del Capitano Originale is the ideal toothpaste for a fresh breath and to ensure the health of sensitive gums.

Brand: Pasta del Capitano