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Free Shipping over $100 | Same Day Dispatch til 3PM | Covid-19 Update >

RazoRock 400 Synthetic Shaving Brush - Silver Handle with NOIR Plissoft (SPECIAL EDITION)

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The RazoRock 400 is a brush we've been wanting to make for a long time; one of my all-time favorite handle designs, super comfortable in the hand and great for loading soaps from deeper mugs and bowls.

After we released our 400 butterscotch resin brush, we received dozens upon dozens of emails asking us to re-create the vintage aluminum handle version. When our clients ask, we deliver! Not only did we make the handle in silver aluminum, we are also offering it in matte black and glossy black anodize finish. To make this version different and exciting from the butterscotch 400, we used our now famous Plissoft knot so owners of the butterscotch can get a classic 400 with a different feel.

24 mm x 57 mm Plissoft Synthetic KnotVintage style handle inspired by the Rubberset 400

Handle Material: Solid Aluminum with Silver Anodize finish
Weight: ~127 grams (4.5oz)
Handle Height: ~80 mm

***Note: This brush does NOT fit on the RazoRock Universal Brush stand***