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Simpson Berkeley 46 Best Badger Shaving Brush

Item No: PR1007

By Simpson

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An excellent shaving brush turned in one size only, filled with Best Badger hair.

The Berkeley 46 is widely regarded as one of the best value shaving brushes on the market & outsells many of it's rivals owing to it's superb build quality and lathering capability.

Berkeley 46 Best Badger approximate brush specifications:

- Best Badger
- Colour Ivory

- Knot (at base): 20 mm
- Loft: 43 mm
- Handle: 45 mm x 33 mm
- Total height: 88 mm
- Weight: 51 gr

Handmade in England

The quality of a Simpson shaving brush is unsurpassed, and with nearly 100 years of expertise you are guaranteed the best brush to lather up with. No other shaving brush maker manages to achieve the hair density Simpson do, this gives their brushes excellent backbone for lathering. A. E. Simpson was first established in 1919, they are the world's oldest manufacturers of shaving brushes. Each brush is carefully handcrafted to guarantee the highest quality possible.