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Medium Natural Bristle Toothbrush from Acca Kappa Vint Collection.

Created with simple shapes and a retro-style that recalls the beauty of the 1940’s.

Why use a natural bristle toothbrush? Natural Bristle brushes have been used traditionally for centuries and come from specifically selected and sterilized grades of boar bristles.

Natural bristle brushes are especially useful for people who require soft-bristled brushes to avoid damaging tooth enamel or sensitive gums. They provide a more satisfying manual cleanse than nylon.

- Medium Natural Bristle
- Black colour

Made in Italy

Today, Acca Kappa celebrates its history by recreating a toothbrush using the same detailed hand crafted methods of production. Its history is inextricably linked to the evolution of the toothbrushes, a simple yet precious item for a person’s wellbeing.

Acca Kappa’s dedication to old-world standard of quality, luxury and simplicity is a family tradition that has persisted for 150 years.

Brand: Acca Kappa

Customer Reviews

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Anne A. (Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
A solid Toothbrush

I like the shape and feel of the handle especially.
When this first came to me the brush was quite stiff, but after some use the bristles have softened out a bit. Personally, I would say this is actually more hard than medium initially. After some use the name on the handle has rubbed off a bit. It does smell of boar bristle a little bit but does not taste at all like the smell, the smell has pretty much gone away after a couple of brushes.
The packaging of this toothbrush can be used as a travel case; I really appreciate that level of detail to this product. This toothbrush is beautiful and will make you feel good when you see it in your bathroom. If I had to buy another toothbrush though I would go for something a lot softer than this, just for personal taste.