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Ach Brito Bath Soap Lavanda Triple Alfazema 150gr

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By Ach Brito

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Ach Brito Triple Alfazema bath soap is for the lavender lover as Alfazema is Portuguese for Lavender.
This is a wonderful vegetable-based bath soap that lathers easily and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. Rich in moisturizing ingredients, this soap is the perfect way to enjoy the soft and balsamic fragrance of the Lavander!
Handmade in Portugal using only natural ingredients. Going through seven different mixing processes and natural drying this soap is 100% natural.

Size: 125gr

Handmade in Portugal

Since 1887 Ach Brito is well known by their quality soaps. If you are looking for other Ach Brito products with their traditional Mediterranean and fresh lavender scents such as bath soaps, eau de cologne, shaving cream.