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Proraso Nick Sealer Gel Bloodstop in Handy Squeeze Tube.

Amazing Product That Seals Nicks and Cuts Like Magic. Great for Those Occasional OOPS! Moments...
Squeeze out a very small amount and apply to affected area for instant results. Extremely effective and dries clear, unlike a styptic pencil, no white spots on your face!

TIP :  Best used for small nicks, larger cuts require a styptic pencil.

  • Doesn't burn or sting
  • Handy Squeeze Tube 10ml

Made in Italy

Brand: Proraso

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Bryan G. (Brisbane, Australia)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes
True magick

This stuff is a true magick salve for staunching annoying nicks. Lightyears ahead of any styptic pencil. I bought a tube for myself and one each for my sons who are still learning the arcane art of safety razor shaving..

Hoops (Auckland, New Zealand)
Blood stopper

Used this for the first time on a couple of nicks this morning - worked instantly! Can't believe how much better than toilet paper it is, plus unlike toilet paper it doesn't restart bleeding when you wash/peel it off.

Steve M.
Essential item for every bloke

I have been using this product for years. It is great for any nicks/weepers arising from your daily shave.
The gel is transparent and it dries quickly. I find after 20 minutes or so if you put on a bit too much it can leave a bit of a dry looking patch on my skin so I wipe it off - it will have its job of stopping the bleeding by then.
Much cleaner and more effective than trying to stick bits of loo paper on your mug.

James S. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Awesome product

This stuff works, period.

Bruce C. (Rotorua, New Zealand)

Excellent service. VG product stopping bleed instantly. Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase product again.

Shaun T. (Auckland, New Zealand)
a must have product..

this is a must have product for nicks and cuts,.. not only does it stop the bleeding but more importantly it prevents a scab forming that takes days to heal, place a small amount of the gel on the cut and let it dry.. I found it can be removed after min 30 mins, you need to replace it when the product starts to dry out after a year or two but at $10 a tube its well worth it , nice small tube so good to travel with too.

O (Auckland, New Zealand)
Good for small cuts

This product is excellent for covering multiple small nicks over large areas, which might occur when shaving over razor burn or bumpy skin. However it is not good at stopping bleeding for larger cuts, such as a pimple, and the tube doesn't come full of product as there is a considerable amount of air already inside when opening.

Mark (Auckland, New Zealand)
Proraso cut gel

Easier to apply than an alum block. Stops nicks bleeding in quick time.

Gary P.

Very good service, all products as they were described and very good quality. I will be buying all of my shaving needs from these guys from now on.
Thank you to the team at fineshave

Works well

I haven't had to use it on a shaving cut yet, but it worked very well on a small kitchen knife cut