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Osma Styptic Pencil in Handy Plastic Case

Item No: PR13

By Osma

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This premium quality French classic Osma XL styptic Pencil works exceptionally well to treat minor shaving nicks and cuts.
Contains potassium alum, comes in a convenient clear travel tube with resealable snap cap.
Great for shaving nicks, but will work great on any minor cuts.

Made in France

 - Jumbo Sized 12gr
 - Protective tubing
 - Osma Labs France

The pencil works by applying some form of alum to the wound, which then causes the blood vessels to contract and stops the bleed. It removes the cut visually and promotes healing.
The cut is still there but it doesn't bleed and isn't red since blood-flow to that particular area is constricted.

Moisten tip of pencil with water and apply to the affected area. Rinse and dry pencil after each use.