Shark Razor Blades 100 Pack - FineShave Shark Razor Blades 100 Pack - FineShave
Shark Razor Blades 100 Pack - FineShave

Shark Razor Blades 100 Pack

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By Shark

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Shark Super Stainless double edge blades for safety razors live up to their name and are often praised for their sharpness and longevity.
Over all these Shark blades offer consistency and quality and are well worth a try.

PTFE coated

20 Dispensers of 5 Blades each.

Made in Egypt.

Fits any traditional double edge safety razor including Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Parker, Weishi and more...

Customer Reviews

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Roberto S. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Great Service

With Shark blades you know what you get. Great blade and smooth shave. But better than that is the service provided by Fineshave. The order arrived the next morning! Also had constant updates on yhe different stages of my order and a tracking number. Really impress! 100 blades will last me a while but next time will order again from Fineshave.

Tangle F. (Wellington, New Zealand)
If men have goatees...do goats have manees?

I don't have either because I have Sharks. I've tried many blades over the past few months (check out @tanglenz on insta, its a private account but if you request a follow I will accept it) and shark blades have settled into the number one spot.

Now, I have what seems to be unreasonably tough bastard facial hair and it grows lightning fast hence I blunt blades way too fast. This means I replace my blades every two shaves to get as close a shave as i possibly can, thus getting by with shaving every other day. Sharks seem to work brilliantly with my skin. I only get nics and cuts when I am hungover or in a mega rush...which seem to be coincide on the same day for some reason.

I have used Somerset's Shaving oil (something this site should stock), Shaving gel and shaving cream with these blades. My delicate Karen skin definitely prefers shaving oil and then some gel foamed up with a badger merkin brush, but the oil seems to make rinsing difficult with any blade so I only use it on special occasions like going to the pub or when trying to impress stray goats.

Sharks are definitely my go to blade, they are cheap and pleasantly sharp. This site is also my go to shaving shop, they are cheap and pleasantly sharp when mailing purchases.

Stu (Carterton, New Zealand)
Great blades

These are the only blades I buy now. They are sharp and smooth and I always get a reliable great shave using them. I rarely get any nicks or cuts from them.

Sam G.
Excellent service. Thanks.

Excellent service. Thanks.

James T.

Excellent service delivery and communication. Love doing business with you

Maleki T.
Great communication. Fast delivery and

Great communication. Fast delivery and awesome prices. Thanku for an excellent easy trade and safe company to deal with