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BlueBeards Revenge shaving cream

By Bluebeards Revenge

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The BlueBeard Revenge shaving cream is a specially formulated cream that will help tackle the toughest of beards. Bluebeards Revenge is a premium shave cream which offers excellent performance in all areas. It is designed to actually reduce beard growth as well as tackle common shaving problems like razor rash and burn.
The Bluebeards Revenge has a signature scent that was chosen by shaving enthusiasts. It is based on a fresh and classic English barbershop scent with a modern twist.

Face friendly Decelerine™ contains a mixture of active ingredients that delay hair growth, reducing the frequency of shaving and depilation and at the same time providing a recovering effect on the skin.
In tests DECELERINE™ showed a 30% decrease in hair length as well as a 16% reduction in hair density after 60 days.
As well as slowing down beard regrowth, DECELERINE™ relieves and soothes the effects of shaving (especially skin prone to irritation and dryness) by providing moisturisation and protection to facilitate it's regeneration.

- Luxury lathering cream
- Paraben Free
- Made with vegetarian friendly ingredients and recyclable packaging
- Contains Face friendly Decelerine™ that is scientifically proven to reduce beard growth!
- 100ml Screw Cap Pot

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