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D R Harris Luxury Arlington Aftershave 100ml - FineShave

D R Harris Luxury Arlington Aftershave 100ml

By D R Harris

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D.R. Harris Arlington Aftershave Splash is the classic formulation in the company's line of aftershave products catering to men of all ages. Both citrus and fern are included as ingredients in its formula, meant to create an invigorating scent that perks the senses while remaining subtle enough to avoid causing offense by being too overwhelming. It is meant to complement D.R. Harris's other shaving products for men.

- Size 100ml

D.R. Harris is known throughout the world for its high-quality shaving products. This family-owned business has been producing some of the finest luxury personal care items for over 200 years. The majority of products are still produced by traditional methods, being hand-made and packed in London.