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D R Harris Luxury Sandalwood Aftershave 100ml - FineShave

D R Harris Luxury Sandalwood Aftershave 100ml

Item No: PR1272

By D R Harris

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D.R. Harris Sandalwood Aftershave has a rich and masculine scent. Unlike many other products on the market, D.R. Harris uses natural sandalwood extract in this after shave rather than synthetic alternatives. The result is a unique scent that is warmer and richer than an artificially produced fragrance. Splash a few drops of this aftershave onto the face after shaving to protect the freshly shaved skin and imbue it with a deep, woody smell that lasts all day. This after shave doesn't burn or dry out the skin.

- Size 100ml

D.R. Harris is known throughout the world for its high-quality shaving products. This family-owned business has been producing some of the finest luxury personal care items for over 200 years. The majority of products are still produced by traditional methods, being hand-made and packed in London.