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Epsilon "Blue Mediterranean" Aftershave Splash 100ml

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By Epsilon

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A tribute to the aromas that accompanied us during childhood and the essence of the extinct traditional Floid Blue.
The authentic and traditional aroma of the Barbershop. It has an elegant and unmistakable citrus touch, which settles down in the skin with a stimulating freshness and surprising sweetness.
Refreshing and soothing; it splashes in the skin shooting the pores after a stimulating shave. Enriched with antiseptics that prevent infections and avoiding pore’s encystment.

Did you miss it? The classic Blue aftershave is back!

Apply generously on the face after shaving. Epsilon Mediterranean Blue, can also be used as a body massage.

It is presented in a 100ml glass bottle with a restricted flow mechanism that allows for easy application with just the right amount.

Handmade in Spain

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Customer Reviews

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Epsilon Mediterranean Blue aftershave: there can be only one...

Buy it, lots of it, it's perfection and makes me totally irresistible. Not allowed out now post shave to avoid any 'problems';)

Absolutely fantastic aftershave

If you want a wave of nostalgia then look no further. I took one whiff and it was like I was back in the barbershop I visited as a kid. This has a wonderful mild almost citrus scent that is quickly becoming my favourite.

Good Splash

Good affordable splash that feels nice on your skin. A bit of menthol to cool with a light spicy citrus fragrance. It is an aftershave splash to heal skin not a cologne so don't expect the fragrance to last very long (good if you are going to wear a cologne later). Don't know how close it comes to the original Floid Blue but I like it. It's an OK match with Barrister and Mann Reserve Cool shave soap (very good stuff) which is also modelled off the fragrance of Floid Blue, its a similar fragrance to that soap but lighter.