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Free Shipping over $100 | Same Day Dispatch til 3PM | Covid-19 Update >

Henson AL13 Safety Razor (Aircraft Aluminum) MILD blade exposure

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MILD blade exposure version of the new Henson Safety Razor, a precision-made razor that is machined out of aluminum in Canada.

Designed and manufactured with extreme precision in mind. Henson has applied aerospace processes to achieve remarkable low tolerances on critical dimensions through the machining and anodizing process.

The blade support creates the most accurate blade exposure on the market, which means you can be ensured that each razor holds the blade at the correct angle and gap to give you the perfect shave.

Manufactured in the same facility that produces components for the Mars Rover and the International Space station, this razor is durable and should last for many years of worry-free shaves.

What this means for you is a noticeably better shave that just feels different. It truly is one of a kind.

  • Three-piece safety razor
  • MILD aggression
  • Feels nimble yet purposeful
  • Non-traditional, aerospace engineering with exacting tolerances
  • Handle Length: 95mm
  • Overall Weight: 37g

 Product of Canada


Henson Shaving is redesigning your safety razor. Named after the man to first patent the t-shape razor (that Gillette eventually developed into ubiquitous tool in use today), Henson Shaving is going back to the engineering drawing board to bring you exacting tolerances and construction.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Callum Y. (Tauranga, New Zealand)

had a stock standard safety razor before, and the difference is night and day. with the grain, or against the grain, it doesn't matter, absolutely no nicks and the smoothest shave I've ever had. My old razor couldn't go against the grain. The build quality on it is absolutely phenomenal, this is an investment that I'll be shaving with for many years to come.

Policarpo (.C. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Henson AL13

Have used it for two weeks and hands down the best shaver I've owned!

Plus it is environmental friendly... I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Steve M. (Singapore, Singapore)
Gave it a try

I heard some internet buzz and decided to give it a go. Great razor! It is definitely easier on my face that my old Merkur 34C.
It is very very light though, so if you are used to a heavier razor (like I was) it will take a bit of adjustment, but no stress.

Excellent beginner's razor too.

It is now my go-to shaver.